Touristic attraction Saint-Eustache

Discover the wonderful world of the ostrich family, a tourist attraction like no other!


SAFARI TOUR: In this interpretation center of the ostrich, adventurers will discover the chicks in the nursery, meet beak to beak with a flock of ostriches and maybe have the opportunity to touch one.

Presentation of 3 ostrich species: black, blue and red. Through the dirt trails and enchanted woods, explorers can meet ”Jonquille”, the ostrich who thinks she is a person, ”Rouge-Gorge”, the red ostrich and even the sweet ”Clémentine”.

Nid’Otruche is a mixture of African land and Jurassic Park, right here in the Laurentians. Children can see the similarity between the ostrich and its ancestor the Gallimimus. This bird may seem sweet, but he knows how to defend himself when he is felled by a lion: he can kill him with one kick!

NEW IN  2016:  Tractor ride / African village, our herds of ostriches, the ancestors of the ostrich

NEW IN  2017:  Come and meet our mascot Nico and Nid’Otruche’s princess from 11:30 to 14:30 at our photo booth $$$

FOOD SAFARI: In addition to the safari, you can taste ostrich meat on site. And if you want to repeat the experience of this unique touristic attraction with friends, there are now safari meals (including a tractor ride and a guided tour). This is another way to enjoy this soft and refined meat

ON SITE: There is a rustic playground for smaller and larger kids with the farm animals just waiting for your visit  (ponies, goats, rabbits, and peacocks) .

SHOP: There are painted eggs, feather dusters, cards, pins, jewelry, etc… Everything is handmade by Mrs. Charbonneau herself. It goes without saying that you can also get different types of ostrich meat at our shop: Chinese fondue, ground meat, sausages, meat pie, roast, tenderloin, kebabs. It even includes recipes to cook everything.