Nid’otruche gift card

Give a memorable gift with a gift card from Nid’otruche Farm, the place where kids can discover animals and nature in a fun and interactive way!

To purchase a gift card, simply follow these steps :

  1. Choose the amount you wish to offer for the gift card (minimum $25)
  2. Enter the details of the person you want to send the card to (name, email address, etc.)
  3. Add any personalized message you wish to include with the gift card
  4. Proceed to payment using one of our secure payment methods

Once your purchase is complete, the person you sent the gift card to will receive an email with instructions on how to book their tour. Please note that farm tour rates vary depending on the age of the visitors: children 0-23 months free, 2-3 years old $12.95, 4-12 years old $16.95 and adults $18.95.
We hope you enjoy your visit to the ostrich farm! Please contact us if you have any questions or need help purchasing your gift card.

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