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Price list

Chinese fondue$75.00 / kg
Filet Mignon$75.00 / kg
Brochettes with fine herbs and garlic, tomatoes and basil$75.00 / kg
Roast$65.00 / kg
Cubes for simmering$58.00 / kg
Cognac pâté$10.00 / each
Creton$8.00 / each
Spinach sausage$10.00 / package
Broccoli cheese sausage$11.00 / package
Merguez sausage with tomato, basil, jalapeno$11.00 / package
Tourtière$16.00 / each
Ground ostrich meat$35.00 / kg

Prices subject to change without notice.

Ostrich meat has an extremely fine texture but looks like beef. This meat with outstanding nutritional characteristics is exotic, very tender, with a refined taste, low in calories and fat (just 1 to 2 percent). It is high in protein (20 to 22 percent), phosphorus (ostrich meat contains even more phosphorus than fish), iron, magnesium, potassium, and the same as emu, very low in cholesterol. Those who love red meat but want to minimize their risk of cardiovascular disease will find ostrich meat the ideal food, part of a healthy diet, with high energy, and very tender.

The edible portions of an ostrich are the back, rump and thighs. The filet mignon is cut from the lower back, the tenderest part.

Since ostrich is a red meat with blood, it remains very moist when cooked. It can be used in stews, grilled, or seared in the skillet. Ostrich meat should not be overcooked because it will lose all its flavour and tenderness. To enhance its flavour, this meat combines very well with berries, such as blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, cranberries, etc.

Ostrich meat also contains fewer calories, less cholesterol and less fat than other meats.

SpeciesDescription% ProteinFat (gr)CaloriesIron (mg)Cholesterol (mg)
OstrichVarious cuts (average)26.93.01423.283
ChickenWhole (skin removed)28.97.41901.289
TurkeyWhole (skin removed)29.35.01701.876
BeefVarious cuts (average)29.99.32113.086
PorkVarious cuts (average)29.39.72121.186
VealVarious cuts (average)31.96.61961.1118
DuckMeat only23.511.22012.789
VenisonMeat only30.23.21584.5112

Source: American Ostrich Association, excerpted from the USDA Agriculture Handbook 8, except the data on ostrich, obtained from Texas A&M University (average of 10 main muscle groups, studies conducted in 1993 and 1996).