NidOtruche Safari



Come experience the adventure of an ostrich safari in the Laurentians!

The Nid’Otruche safari tour is a field trip that caters to adventurers of all ages who want to discover an unknown world. Preschool groups, elementary school groups, and daycare services have access to educational and theatrical performance that highlights the creative spirit of all.

These packages of a half-day or full day includes several different activities

May 1st to October 31stPACKAGE A (half day)

-Nid'Otruche show
-Ostrich safari
PACKAGE B (10 h to 14 h)

- Nid'Otruche show
- Ostrich safari
- Breeder
- Petting zoo
Groups of children
(up to 12 years old inclusively)
$7.25 / child (+ tax) $9.50 / child (+ tax)

New in 2016/ The African Autumn:

Climb inside the safari tractor and discover a wicked Africa with places like the African wizard’s place, the African village, and even our dinosaurs and our ostriches. The African maze and the corn maze are waiting for you in the Nid’Otruche’s hills. Finally, you can fill up your bag with apples or come pick up pumpkins for Halloween

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