Ostrich safari, DAY CAMP

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The Nid’Otruche safari tour is an outing that caters to day camps adventurers who want to discover an unknown world. All have access to an educational and theatrical safari tour that highlights the creative spirit of each.

These packages of half day or full day include several activities.


Activity 1

Tractor safari

Climb aboard and visit our ostrich flocks in the hills of Nid’Otruche.

NEW IN 2016: The site of the dinosaurs. Who knows, you may see the ostrich dinosaur during your safari.

Discovery of the ostrich-products (painted eggs, feather dusters, soaps, skin creams, etc…)

Activity 2

Ostrich safari

Through the dirt trails and enchanted woods, adventurers will discover chicks in the nursery, meet beak to beak with a flock of ostriches and maybe even have the chance to touch one.

Presentation of 3 ostrich species: black, blue and red.

Activity 3

Breeder, how to become an ostrich breeder?

At this stage, the adventurer must pass the ultimate test to become a good breeder.

Thus, children will be introduced to the ostrich breeding business by doing different exercises: learn their language, catching an ostrich (fictitious) etc…

This activity takes place in the form of games with the guide. A souvenir is given to each child.

Laughter guaranteed!

Activity 4


In the company of our friends the animals (chickens, rabbits, pigs, llamas…), children can feed them and also learn tricks (how to put a hen to sleep).

Activity 5


Come get wild in our various playgrounds and soccer fields.

Activity 6

Musical workshop

While discovering the origin of the Djembe, children will be introduced to modern African rhythms.

Du 24 juin au 31 aoûtFORFAIT A (demi-journées)

- Safari tracteur
- Safari autruche
- Raticulteur
FORFAIT B (10 h À  14 h)

- Safari tracteur
- Safari autruche
- Raticulteur
- Mini ferme
FORFAIT C (10 h À  15 h)

- Safari tracteur
- Safari autruche
- Raticulteur
- Mini ferme
- Aire de jeux
- Atelier musical Africain
Groupe d'enfants
(jusqu'à  12 ans inclusivement)
$8.00 / enfants (+ taxes)$10.00 / enfants (+ taxes)$12.00 / enfants (+ taxes)
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