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The products in our gift shop near Montreal, represents the ostrich is at its best! At the end of your exploration of the entire agri-tourism farm, you can go to the store to purchase a souvenir. This gift shop also allows you to obtain presents that are quite exceptional. Like these products made by Jovette and Stephanie Charbonneau:

  • Ostrich oils and creams
  • Soaps and lip balms
  • Wallets and purses Jewelry
  • Carved and painted eggs
  • Puppets and masks



Ostrich oil is extremely moisturizing. It contains Omega 3,6 and 9. Ostrich oil is rich in essential fatty acids; it therefore leaves the skin soft and non-greasy.



Apply three times a day on the areas to treat. Use a small amount every time. If the oil is creamier, you can warm the bottle under hot water.

Use soap in addition to oils, they are also very moisturizing.

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It is Jovette Charbonneau, painter and specialist egg carver (ostrich, emu and rhea) for many years, which makes the works of art of the gift shop. This artist has nothing to envy of the Fabergé egg designers: through her work, she takes us into different worlds! Everything is made from raw material obtained from the ostrich. To learn more about this art form, meet Jovette. She will know how to communicate her passion of ostrich art and who knows, maybe even give you little tricks!

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The feathers of the ostrich have long been used in the field of fashion. Today at Nid’Otruche, they are found in jewelry, feather dusters, boas, masks and also individually. They are used in the automotive and electronic industry thanks to their antistatic characteristics.


You’ll find great gift ideas!

In addition, it is also in this very shop we can find the famous ostrich meat, extremely fine and has exceptional nutritional qualities

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